Best Clickbank University Review

ClickBank is perhaps one of the best known affiliate platforms for both vendors and affiliate marketers to make money online. Learn the facts from the best ClickBank University 2.0 Review.
Clickbank first launched ClickBank University back in 2013 and upgraded it to version 2.0 in 2016. They’ve recently updated and added additional crash course trainings to get you up to speed and earning fast.
Having been both an affiliate and vendor selling my own products with Clickbank – in this best ClickBank University 2.0 review I will reveal exactly what’s inside the Clickbank University 2.0 Course.

One of the most important factors to consider is that ClickBank University 2.0 is created by Clickbank themselves. So you need to ask yourself; Do you want to learn how to be successful with Clickbank from someone you’ve stumbled across on YouTube teaching theories – or by using the tools, knowledge and training direct from the source themselves who’ve already helped 1,000’s of affiliates and vendors make life changing incomes?

Best ClickBank University 2.0 Review Summary

Product Name: ClickBank University 2.0 (Click here to join)
Founder: Founded by Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan
Product Type: Digital Product Creation & Marketing Course
Price: $47/month + Upsell*
Best For: Both vendors and affiliate marketers to utilize ClickBank to make money online.
Summary: ClickBank University 2.0 provides two courses-in-one with useful tools to help you create your own digital product, market it on ClickBank and make money. It’s also a great course showing affiliates how to market other people’s Clickbank products to earn commissions. CBU also has an page builder/marketing platform upsell which they don’t reveal to you upfront. So, take note of that!
Rating: 90/100
Recommended: Yes

What is ClickBank University 2.0 about?

ClickBank University 2.0 is an upgraded edition of a series of online course which aim at helping both vendors and affiliate marketers to utilize ClickBank and make money online.
If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, you should know that ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate market places for selling digital products.

Clickbank University 2.0 For Affiliates

8-Week Training on Affiliate Marketing

CBU 2.0 has two main parts to their training. One of them is this 8-week course to teach to how to promote other people’s product on ClickBank as an affiliate.
So, you don’t need to create your own product and all you need to do is to promote other people’s product and earn affiliate commissions.
Until their recent “Affiliate Marketing Crash Courses” updates (see below) – CBU 2.0 put a lot more emphasis on the vendor part for creating your own digital products, courses etc. So the affiliate training, although solid, was mainly targeted to complete noobies and didn’t really expand into more advanced affiliate marketing skills. That’s now all changed with the introduction of fast to implement crash course affiliate trainings..

Clickbank University 2.0 YouTube Affiliate Marketing Crash Course

Youtube marketing even if you don’t feel comfortable being on camera.

Clickbank University 2.0 Copywriting Crash Course

One of the world’s top copywriters reveals how to write copy specifically for Clickbank products.

Clickbank University 2.0 Marketing Avatar Crash Course

Figure out exactly who wants what you have to sell. Just this part alone can make ALL the difference to your success.

Clickbank University 2.0 For Vendors

The training here is quite extensive and informative. They cover a wide range of topics that include:

  • Brainstorming and researching on what niche to go into and what product to create
  • How to create a customer avatar
  • How to create a digital product
  • How to create a landing page/squeeze page
  • How to create a sales funnel
  • How to drive traffic to your landing page
  • How to get affiliates to promote your product
  • How to scale up your ClickBank business, etc…

So, if you have certain experience/knowledge to share with the world and you’re interested in creating your own product, I would highly recommend ClickBank University 2.0 to you because you can really learn a lot of insider knowledge and skills from them.
By the way, all training is in a weekly step-by-step format with videos to watch and PDFs to read.

Weekly Live Q&A Webinar with Adam & Justin

Adam and Justin offer a weekly Live Q&A webinar that allows members to ask any questions they have. Another thing is that the webinars are recorded so any member can watch them anytime they want.

Private Clickbank University 2.0 Facebook Support Group

For the support part, you’ll have access to a CBU forum and their private Facebook group. The activeness and engagement within the forum and the group are excellent.
Adam and Justin will personally participate in the discussion but not very often. However there’s plenty of experienced vendors and affiliates within the group to help answer any queries.

* ClickBank Builder 2.0 (Upsell)

ClickBank Builder 2.0 is a very useful tool to help you easily create professional websites, landing pages and offer pages.
It is a ‘drag-and-drop’ tool with various templates to help you craft beautiful pages.
However, the catch is that this is an upsell that costs $594. Although it is a lifetime access and you can have 2 payments of $297, for someone just starting out this is expensive for a tool like this.
Needless to say, ClickBank Builder 2.0 has its own advantage. It is created by ClickBank so you can easily integrate and customize it with your ClickBank offers.

Created by ClickBank for ClickBank

As you all know, ClickBank is a reputable platform for online marketers. There are thousands of people making full time or even six, seven figure income from it.
At the same time, there are people out there claiming themselves to be the experts in ClickBank. Judging from the course information they provide, I would recommend people who want to make money from ClickBank to learn directly from ClickBank, instead of other sources.
Adam and Justin have been very successful with ClickBank and thus they are working directly with CB to deliver this CBU. They really know what they are talking about.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is another great point for CBU. Although they don’t offer a free trial or a $1 trial anymore, you can still get a refund within 30 days if you find this program is not for you.
So, it’s still similar to having a free trial knowing that you can get a refund anytime within 30 days.

The Not So Good

Beware of ClickBank Builder 2.0

ClickBank Builder 2.0 is offered as an optional upsell immediately after purchasing your membership.

  • It’s expensive compared to other similar tools in the market. Although it is for life-time use so it will have paid for itself many times over within a year or two.
  • Some of the training focuses on using this tool so it will help if you purchased ClickBank Builder 2.0 – however you can still implement almost everything covered using a simple WordPress website and web hosting.
  • They don’t tell you about the builder upfront that they’re making it almost a “necessity” for a part of the course trainings.

3. A lot of Clickbank University Training is Locked

One issue with the training, both the affiliate and the vendor side, is that you’re not allowed to go through all the training videos immediately once you’ve joined. They only allow you to watch few weeks at a time and they’ll unlock each one for you after completing each section.
According to them, this is to avoid you from skipping any steps. However, it’s quite annoying for many people when they can’t get access to everything even after they’ve paid the price. One solution for this will be to Email them and they’ll help you unlock. However, this is definitely quite troublesome.

4. Weekly Webinars

Although you can pick up a few gold nuggets of information from the webinars, a lot of the questions asked are from beginners. So, if you’re more experienced, you won’t find these webinars helpful. However you can ask whatever you want during the webinar to get comprehensive helpful answers.

Traffic Getting Strategies

They focus on Facebook Ads – Instagram Influencer Marketing – YouTube marketing and others. They don’t cover much free traffic strategies so they totally miss out on methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing and free social media marketing.

Is ClickBank University 2.0 a Scam?

ClickBank University 2.0 is definitely NOT a scam because they are real coaches with legit training resources to help you make money with ClickBank.
I highly recommend both affiliates and people who are interested about creating your own products to give CBU a shot.


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