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Easy Steps To Earn As An Affiliate – No Investment Required

Step 1. Create an affiliate account with clickbank

Step 2. Create a free account with animoto

Step 3. Create a Youtube account

Step 4. Choose Long tail keywords with low competition

Step 5. Go to clickbank marketplace and choose a product, health converts best, choose a product with a good landing page that is attractive.

For example:  A “build muscle” product.

Go to google keyword tool and look for build muscle and find a keyword that has a low competition with approximately 5000+ monthly searches.

Google build muscle on images and download some good pictures then create a free video on animoto with these pictures with attractive text and uploaded the video on youtube.

Use bitly to cloak the affiliate link. Then in the video description, insert the exact keyword you found on google keyword tool for the title, insert the same keyword in the description and write a little testimonial with the keywords in the description again.

After some days you’ll start getting views and in many cases (after a few weeks) the 5000+ people searching for the exact keyword on google will find your video on the 1st page, sometimes 1st position for a steady flow of targeted visitors to your offer.

When doing research for a product/keyword term on google, choose the long tail keyword with low competition and no/low amount of videos on youtube using the same keyword, that’s how the video gets on 1st page on google easily as no one is using the exact long tail keyword.

The best part of this method is they’ll keep bringing in steady traffic for years. You can easily produce a new video daily.

If you’re smart you’ll direct the visitors to your own landing page to capture their emails. Many clickbank products have pre-written email sequence follow up emails to use.


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